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Bad Guys Do It Better

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Jason Isaacs

* Why We're Jonesin' for JASON *

With a carefully crafted glee hidden expertly beneath a crisp layer of smug, it's no wonder movie-goers have come to love and know Jason as the actor who plays Bad Guys so good. It also doesn't hurt that this charming British gent knows just when the flash his slightly smirky yet beguiling smile; a certain twinkle in his cornflower blue eyes, as hinting at ongoing mischief -- or possibly poised to deliver a very innocent *wink!* Fans of Lucius Malfoy have been practically on the edge of their seats salivating to see more of him since his brief, but chilling stint in The Chamber of Secrets. Hopefully new HP director won't fail to deliver more of what we're waiting for -- a delicious, heaping slice of Malfoy Malice.

B.K.A.: Lucius Malfoy, supposed former Death Eater, Slytherin for life.

A.K.A.: "The Dark Knight," for his wonderfully cool portrayal of seductive villans.

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World Debut: June 6, 1963 ~~ GEMINIS can be devastatingly disarming -- and dangerous-- with their love of flirtation // one born under this restless sign plays life as a game and constantly surround themselves with new people to keep it fresh and entertaining // Geminians are often silver-tongued and skilled at most things requiring speech and persuasion, though the intellectual pursuits of these things they do not take to heart: debaters, diplomats, orators, preachers, teachers, authors, poets, journalists, or lawyers // they find a natural mystery and intrigue -- instead of fear -- in dabblings of the dark arts // lazy in matters of amour as well as life, these lovers are slow to shift into commitment and sometimes quickly cool after a temporary depth of feeling, causing even the most hopeless of romantics to behave their hearts.

Year of the Rabbit: Though genuinely fond of gossip, these people are admired for being virtuous and tactful. They seldom lose their temper and have a love of storytelling, which make them the most sought after of social creatures. They avoid gambling even though they have a talent for turning luck on its head, choosing instead to always keep their wits about them.

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Before He Was 'Lucius': He showed shadows of Malfoy Machismo in his earlier portrayal of the ambitious Lord Felton ( --isn't that interesting?) opposite Sean Connery in Dragonheart and the deliciously sadistic British Colonel William Tavington pitted against Mel Gibson in the Revolutionary War drama The Patriot.

Gift of Gab: Jason had actually obtained a law degree when, as a gag, he decided to audtion for a spot in a prestigeous London drama school, thus denying the world his courtroom antics.

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Always the Gentleman: He has appeared in numerous films without credit, including Resident Evil (narrator/doctor) and Elektra, in which his character quickly meets a sticky end at the blade protagonist's sai within the first ten minutes of the movie // Jason played the roles of both Mr. Darling and Captain Hook in the 2003 adaptation of Peter Pan (starring opposite Jeremy Sumpter) at a self-imposed pay reduction in the spirit of Christmas.

You Can Quote Me on That: Almost rivaling his sophisticated brand of playboy charm, Jason is quickly becoming infamous for his slightly scathing commentary on the super unimportance of actors and his hilariously self-depricating interviews. He's been known to dish a few quirky quotes, including one in which he makes a lengthy note of appreciation in the physical changes of his younger cast members, describing co-star Rupert Grint as a 'great big hunk of man.'

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