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Slytherin's Finest

...Bittersweet Illusion?...

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Thomas Andrew Felton

* Why We Find TOM Titillating *

From the smirk of delightful haughtiness, the sneer of reproachfulness, to the slow, easy curl of his lips, having these things described to you, you know instantly who has arrived on the screen without even looking. Whether you love to hate him -- or hate to love him -- the pretentious, snarling drawl of Draco Malfoy was first brought to life four years ago by then 11-year-old Tom Felton (a movie veteran in his own right) and since then, neither our world nor Harry Potter's has been quite the same. Professed lover of all things in the sea, Tom claims to be nothing like the uber-snooty Slytherin. Wielding a disarming smile and inviting periwinkle eyes, Tom's started a following that's even alarmed The Queen of Potterverse herself. With J.K. openly bemoaning the fact that legions of girls are skipping over Harry to get a little taste of Draco, doth Tom protest too much?

B.K.A.: Draco Malfoy, the deliciously snarky arch-enemy of boy wonder Harry Potter.

A.K.A.: "Hitler's Chosen Youth," due to his character's striking Aryan features and elitist beliefs.

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Star Gazing: September 22, 1987 ~~ VIRGOS easily conceal their natural emotions behind matter-of-factness and quiet reserve // though unassuming and mostly introverted, they tend to take on interests which place them centerstage and under watchful eyes // both sexes are considered extremely charming and high-minded, which may make the male Virgoan appear effeminate when he is not // their love making is a perfection of technique rather than the expression of desire, so enflamed passionate lovers, beware!

Year of the Rabbit: Born in this year are articulate, talented, and ambitious people. Their reserved nature lends to quiet hobbies requiring silence, reflection and thought. They make very few promises and never go back on them.

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Before He Was 'Draco': He got in quite a bit of practice on his pre-Slytherin 'tude as the precocious Louis Leonowens in the movie Anna and the King, starring Jodie Foster and Chow Yun-Fat.

Voice Like an Angel: He once sang in multiple ensembles simultaneously and was offered a place in the prestigeous Guildford Choir.

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Second Best: Though his willingness to don the famous green contacts and round glasses made him a strong candidate for The Boy Who Lived, the casting director felt Tom's look was more heartthrob than heart-wrenching. Not to be put off, an indignant and slightly fuming Tom returned the next day and was rewarded the role of Draco Malfoy.

All Bark...: Due to Tom's easy-going nature, older brother Chris purposefully agitates him off camera to provoke the classic Draco sneering and snarling.

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Prince Charming: He has his mother accompany him during autograph sessions to ensure that he maintains himself as a "proper gentleman."

His Quirks: Once he'd heard the movie buzz over Harry Potter, he made it a point not to read the books. He felt it was better to go into the casting call with no expectations and little pressure // his patented smirk is a product of his unconscious habit of making faces.


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