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Any Way the Wind Blows

...Take One...
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Takeshi Kaneshiro

* Why TAKESHI's So Tasty *

'Be Still My Wildly Beating Heart.' An overgenerelization? Or only the specific words that were murmured sotto voce when this tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome actor flashed his easy, boyish smile and had me wanting to learn Mandarin pronto. Every scene without him was wanting, every glimpse of him leaves you begging for more...yet there was something about his flowing raven hair, delicate almond-shaped eyes and rich baritone voice that continued to haunt me even after the credits ended. Did I know him from somewhere else? How? And then as I attempted to settle into an uneasy sleep, the answer struck me like the clean, elegant clean slice of a Samurai's blade. Of course. I "knew" him first as the romantic soft-spoken warrior from the graphic video game epic Onimusha.

B.K.A.: Wind, the dashing playboy officer whose plan to
seduce a cunning criminal backfires stunningly in House of Flying Daggers.

A.K.A.: "Dim Sum," like the delectable smorgasboard, Takeshi offers a variety of tempting reasons to indulge your appetite.

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A Star is Born: ~~ October 11, 1973 The wholely balanced and even-tempered LIBRAN tends to display unflappable calm and an uncanny ability to remain impartial when called upon for opinion and handing down judgement // in their need for peace (even the falsest sense of it), they do their best to bring about compromise and resolution // those born under this sign have an insatiable curiosity and tend to latch onto their newest cause/project/love with reckless abandon, carelessly throwing all their time and devotion into this interest // sentimental lovers, the Libra may stray into other relationships in a quest for kindness -- rather than sex -- if their current partner is lacking.

Oxymoron: These patient people are not the most verbose, but when they do speak, it tends to be eloquent and to the point. Their stubborn preferences for the ideal mate make it unlike they will even settle for those who are a 9 out of 10. They do not take opposition lying down and can be remarkably hard on themselves if a mistake is discovered.

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Before He Was 'Wind': He started out as a commercial and film teen idol in the Chinese entertainment industry, honing the cool consummate bachelor attitude that has become his trademark // Takeshi has taken on a number of diverse and sometimes contraversal roles, including that of a gay man whose lover is dying of AIDS in a Japanese drama // he is Asia's most successful actors to date, transistioning from the booming film markets of Hong Kong to Tokyo to Taipei with such ease, it has caused speculation that Takeshi's numerous alias are in fact an coy acknowledgement that he may actually have "doubles" employed to impersonate him.

Silver-Tongued Fox: Takeshi is fluent in several languages, his native tongue being Mandarin (spoken thoroughout greater Taiwan), Japanese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, French, English and Tibetan.

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Art Imitating Life: Those who may not have heard of this versatile talent may actually already be familiar with his alter ego, Samanosuke, the protagnogist of the video game trilogy Onimusha // the character Samanosuke is not only physically modeled after the statuesque actor, but Takeshi also also provides his voice for both the Japanese and English dialogue.

Picture Perfect: Still doesn't ring a bell? Well, as the international spokesmodel for over a dozen corporations, you just may have gotten a glimpse of one his many billboards for the Mitsubishi Galant, PRADA, or even talking on an Ericsson handset portable phone.

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Pseudonym: Aside from being nicknamed Aniki, (which generally means "big brother" in Japanese, unless this name is actually the compound of the words ani and ki, which then would make the meaning closer to "animated or life-like tree"), Takeshi is also credited in films under the following names: Jing Chengwu, Sing-Mo Gum and Wu Jincheng.

Outside Looking In: Due to tenuous Japan-China-Taiwan relations, the Taiwanese-born youngster was often bullied in his neighborhood and ostracized in his Japanese school // in his eagerness to escape the hostility he faced and over his mixed heritage, he later studied at the Taipei American School, hoping to excel in English, affording him the ability to travel abroad.

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