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The Good Son

...Little Boy Blue...
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Elijah Jordan Wood

* Why ELIJAH's Electrifying *

How is it that a boy with cherubic good looks, down-to-earth charm and elfish grin managed quietly to develop into a sleek and polished actor -- in Hollywood -- right under the noses of moviegoers, fan and fiends alike? What is the secret behind his success in avoiding the trappings of fame that so many other young child actors before and after him fall victim to? What is his staying power? What was it like to wear furry feet?? At turns playing the extrovert, our adorably elusive Elijah wisely keeps his cards close to his chest, making us wonder what other tricks he has up his sleeves.

B.K.A.: Frodo, the beloved heart-tugging Hobbit who possesses the ability to speak volumes with nothing but his solemn blue eyes.

A.K.A.: "Giggles," dubbed this for his skittish, high-pitched laugh.

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Star Gazing: January 28, 1981 ~~ The strong-willed, forceful nature of the AQUARIAN causes them to seek truth above all things, though they are honest enough to chabge their opinion once something they believed to be true is proven false // they make tenacious friends and lovers, exuding a quiet, hypnotic force over those who fall prey // though often shy in appearance, fragile emotional bonds run deep. Once broken, however, the Aquarius is quick to temper and slow to forgive // even in accepting the most humble of roles, their natural, understated performances tend to be recognized as the leading part.

The Year of the Rooster: These deep thinkers tend to have other artistic talents they rarely bring to light. They can be a bit eccentric in style, behavior and thought, leaving many of their female admirers wondering. They enjoy giving the outward impression of being socially at ease, though truly they'd love nothing more than to curl up with a good book and indulge in someone else's adventures.

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Before He Was 'Frodo': It was Elijah's slightly husky voice and magnetic blue eyes which captured the attention of talent scouts, agents and producers at the tender age of six.

Video Arcade Boy #6: Within six months of moving to LA, Elijah won the walk-on role as an extra in the sequel to the 80's time-traveling hit Back to the Future Part II // a mere 2 weeks later, he and another entertainment wannabe, Paula Abdul, would star opposite each other in her debut video, Forever Your Girl.

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Six Degrees of Elijah Wood: To date, Elijah has starred alongside the following: Dan Akroyd, Sean Astin, Kathy Bates, Thora Birch, Cate Blanchette, Orlando Bloom, Lorraine Brocco, Delta Burke, Jim Carrey, Melanie Griffith, Mel Gibson, Robbie Coltrane ("Hagrid"), Kevin Costner, Macaulay Culkin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Robert Downey, Jr., Richard Dreyfuss, Kirsten Durst, Michael J. Fox, Jeff Goldblum, Josh Harnett, Selma Hayek, Paul (“Hulk”) Hogan, Don Johnson, Kevin Kline, Ian McKellan, Dominic Monaghan, Mandy Moore, Viggo Mortensen, Elizabeth Perkins, Aidan Quinn, Christina Ricci, Claudia Schiffer, Gary Sinese, Liv Tyler, Mike Tyson, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, Hugo Weaving, The Wu Tang Clan...just to name a few.

Double Vision? Early in his career as a fledgingly actor, Elijah was often mistaken for another thespian with striking blue-eyes and perpetually boyish looks -- Tobey Maguire // ironically, Elijah ended up passing on the lead in the film Pleasantville, the part ultimately going to the then unknown Tobey, whom many flocked to see having mistaken him for -- Elijah, of course.

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A Real Nailbiter: Elijah reports that scrambling around the damp earthen sets of The Lord of the Rings on his hands and knees nearly cured him of his worst nervous habit: chewing his nails // one pasttime he admits he wished he'd never picked up was smoking, which he claims to have been lured into by his cigarette toting co-star Josh Harnett between takes on the movie The Faculty.

Rites of Passage: filming of The Lord of the Rings trilogy spanned nearly three years, in which time Elijah celebrated his 18th-20th birthdays, acquainting himself with the lively pubs of New Zealand with his fellow rebel-rousing Hobbits // after Sean Astin (b.k.a. "Samwise Gamgee") inadvertently spilled the beans that cast members had the Elvish symbol for nine -- as the original Fellowship consisted of nine who began the journey -- tattooed on various areas of their bodies, Elijah was barraged with requests to play a little Show-and-Tell. After two years, he finally gave in, pushing away the band of his pants to reveal the sacred inking just at the joint of his hip and right thigh.

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The Piano Man: Elijah is an accomplished pianist and has studied singing professionally...though he doubts anyone will be hearing a CD of his jazz croonings anytime soon.

Win Some, Lose Some...: What film does Elijah still regret having missed out on? Rushmore, the offbeat dramedy about a quirky egotistical loner who manages to belong to every single school organization without actually being befriended. The movie would have afforded Elijah the opportunity to work with one of his favorite all-around actors, Bill Murray.

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