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The Perfect Tease

...Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry...
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Thomas Sturridge

* Why We Find TOM So Tempting *

While we loved the visual eyecandy that was director Mira Nair's vision of 2004's Vanity Fair, many us began to wane well before the anti-climatic ending, seriously debating that jaunt up to the refreshment stand for the time-limited free refill of popcorn or simply allowing our bladders to finally get the best of us. But for those of us how held strong in our resolve to see this through the end, the last ten minutes of the movie seemed determined to redeem itself. With pursed red lips, rebellious raven locks and coolly slitted porcelain blue eyes, little known Tom Sturridge haughtily strolled into our lives as our fallen badboy Jonathon Rhys-Meyer's son and we've never been the same since.

B.K.A.: Little Georgy, whose all too brief screen appearance in Vanity Fair made quiet aristocratic snark the new language of lust.

A.K.A.: "Prettyboy with Cheese," as if he weren't tasty enough, adding him to a scene is like spending that extra 49 cents to have your Quarter Pounder with cheese -- money well spent.

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A Star is Born: 1986 ~~ Little is known about the deliciously smooth Brit, who has so far bested even the most diligent of snoopers in keeping his much demanded biography under wraps.

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright While tigers are naturally suspicious of others, it is only because their sensitive natures are prone to intense, deep thought. They are admired for their powerful command of any situation, most any person arrested by the easy charm and grace. However, they tend to be a bit short-tempered and do not fair well in environments where interaction with others are prolonged.

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Before He Was 'Georgy': Tom starred along side Ted Danson of Cheers fame in the 1996 television adaptation of Johnathon Swift's Gulliver's Travels, even then stealing scenes in his short, but moving appearance as the weary-worn traveler's son, Tom // Tom needed not look far or long in landing his first acting gig as he happened to be on a first name basis with the Gulliver's Travels director -- first name being "Dad," as in his father, Charles Sturridge.

Roger Dodger: Tom is currently starring in the 1930's era dramedy Being Julia as the sophisticated and terribly jaded son, Roger, proving to be the only voice of wisdom to his mother's (Annette Benning) fiery temper and the product of his father's unfailing poise and exceedingly good looks (Jeremy Iron).

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