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Oh, Danny Boy

...The Boy Who Rocked...
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Daniel Jacob Radcliffe

* Why Do YOU think DAN's Rad? *

Is it the flash of his mega-watt smile, his easy charm, those signature baby blues? Tell us what you think before Thursday, Apr 21st and your blurb could be here ^_^

B.K.A.: Harry James Potter, the deliciously angsty, put-upon amd most assuredly reluctant teen hero of the Wizarding world.

A.K.A.: "DanRad," once a clever little way of cutting down his cumbersome name, now an adjective.

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Star-crossed: July 23, 1989 ~~ Ironically -- or perhaps not -- the sign of the LEO is represented by the lion, thought to be the most independent, courageous and strong-willed of all animals // Leonians tend to think and act bigger than others would normally dare, setting their natural hard-headedness to task when naysayers dog their every step // these spontaneously warm hearted and outgoing people are unfortunately bad judges of character, believing with an exaggerated faith in their followers, which can only lead to heartbreak and disllusionment // as their exuberant passion for luxury, life and lust builds, a caricature of themselves may emerge that no one would want to know -- either in public or private.

The Year of the Snake: These fortunate few rarely worry about money, as they are either born in to it security or strike it rich on their own. They are generally unsure of other people's judgement and prefer to rely on themselves in matters of opinion and life choices. Snakes attract intense attention from both sexes, which only lends to exacerbate their ravenous sexual appetites, making them fickle lovers.

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Before He Was 'Harry': Perhaps because both his parents were aware of the pitfalls in the entertainment industry, Dan was discouraged from pursing a part in the popular televised BBC adaptation of Oliver Twist // it was the persistance of Harry Potter co-star Maggie Smith which lead to him starring the title character in another small screen classic, David Copperfield. Dan's parents were still adament about keeping their only child grounded and at first turned down this role until the future Professor McGonagall weighed in on the subject // it was while portraying the walk-on/walk-off role of Geoffrey Rush's son in The Tailor of Panama when movie "mum" Jaime Lee Curtis suggested that with glasses, Dan eeriely resembled the spectulative bookcover drawings of Harry Potter.

Splish-Splash, I Was Taking a Bath: In what has most asuredly become the Sweetheart Story of Dan's life, he says he received the life-changing news that he was to be the Harry Potter from his father while in the tub.

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Imitation of Life: EA games is now boasting that the characters of their simulated version of Goblet of Fire have a more life-like resemblance to the Harry Potter stars than in games before, citing their previous inability to obtain the rights to reproduce the exact likeness of young cast members // the reason why the HP games and movie do not fall in the same line is quite simple and legal: the games are released months before the actual premiere of the movie, so the virtual version purposefully deviates from the storyline to avoid Spoilage -- and lawsuits.

His John Hancock: What do you do if your name is Daniel Jacob Radcliffe? Shorten it to "Dan R." Looking for a creative solution to 'autograph-itis,' Dan is thinking to convert his signatures to this abridged version, hoping this will allow him more signings and less wear and tear of that famous Potter wand hand.

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Boys Don't Cry: Generally not one to get overly sentimental, Dan admitted to feeling overwhelmed at the screening of Prisoner of Azakaban, succumbing to tears as he saw his name scroll across the screen in the end credits.

Even Child Stars Get the Blues: In terms of longevity, Dan can only hope to break through the daunting and sometimes impenetrable barrier of "Former Child/Teen Star," like fellow actors Christina Ricci and Elijah Wood // he expresses his deepest admiration for the successful, and notably quiet, comeback of 'Home Alone' star Macauley Culkin // Dan does not feel an obligation to continue in the market of "Teen Star Idol" once the Harry Potter series comes to an end. In all likelihood, he will be approximately twenty-two years old by the time of the adaptation of the as-yet-titled Book 7.

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Sweetie Pie: Although not the biggest fan of cake, Dan felt so moved when he was gifted an emormous cake one birthday by way of a fan club, that he sent back a picture of himself eating a piece. This only spurred droves of baked goods from around the world to be heaped upon his doorstep, all of which he claims to sample and return a photo for proof // Daniel once served tea everyday to the former double for Emma Watson ( -- exactly why was it she left this gig again?)

Prince of Pranks: Never one to act his age -- or rather, acting very much Harry's age -- Dan's become known as a prankster-in-training on the set. Outside of sabotaging co-star Robbie Coltrane's (Hagrid) phone to only read Turkish and putting kick me signs on the half-giant's back, Dan cites that he may have also been responsible for all/some/most/or none of the following: adding lemon juice to coffee urns, poking holes into donut holes, switching name plates on trailers, slipping gags into the pockets his of co-star's wardrobe, pretending to read from a completely revised script, nipping things from other people, then leaving "anonymous tips" as to where they can be found.

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[Did Elijah Wood cause you to long for the peaceful days of the Shire? Tell us you'd choose him ^_^ ]
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