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...Weasley is Our King...
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Rupert Michael Grint

* Why We'd Ravish RUPERT *

With his wide-eyed enterpretation of the cool, level-headed Ron Weasley, Rupert has managed to single-handedly turn me on to fierce red hair and, strangely enough, reprised a love for chess that I thought I'd chucked when I was in 7th grade. With soft, pouty lips and sturdy, broad shoulders, he's quickly causing eyecandy connoisseurs to say, 'Harry who?' 'The Quiet One' of the Trio, Rupert balances Daniel Radcliffe's unabashed exuberance and Emma Watson's unwavering poise with a down-to-earth, modest tone, his quickly breaking smile as fleeting as the sun on a cloudy day. Appearing at turns pensive, solemn, and guarded, Rupert captures the intrigue of the photogs and fans alike. Hardly one to take himself too seriously, of late he's been on the social circuit, armed with a laugh and those soft, empathic turquoise eyes.

B.K.A.: Ronald Bilius Weasley, owner of all things rubbish and faithful companion to Harry Potter.

A.K.A.: ”Permless Boy” dubbed this as his normally smooth hair was chemically curled for his role in the movie Thunderpants.

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Star-gazing: August 24, 1988 ~~ The responsibility shirking VIRGO is better suited with lots of room –- and encouragement -- to work // natives of this sign enthusiastically take on new ideas, but rarely ever change a style or way of thinking that is comfortable to them // their constant laid-back, almost shy nature belies the desire to be out-going, fun-loving and sociable // while female Virgoans have a flair for fashion, the males tend to be the exact opposite, keeping their appearance as moderate and plain as possible.

Year of the Dragon: Dragons are well known for their bravery, honesty, but above all, the ability to inspire trust in even the wariest of people. They are easily excitable and tend to loan themselves to events promising fun and lots of energy. The strong, silent type, they may sometimes seem a bit distant even in their friendliness, carefully shielding a soft heart behind a cool exterior.

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Before He Was ‘Ron’: Rupert had only participated in a few small school plays before being cast in Harry Potter // his biggest ambition –- which he still admits to having –- is to be an ice cream man.

Two Peas in a Pod: He cites the character of Ron as his motivation for trying out for the part. Aside from the fact that both are red heads with a fair few siblings, they share a penchant for sweets and are not too fond of eight-legged creatures.

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American Idol: He admires Jim Carrey for his versatility and genuine comic timing // in his love of all things clownish, Rupert purchased a unicycle, though in two years, he’s only successfully managed six revolutions before falling.

The Dark Half: Although always up for a good laugh, Rupert also has taken a keen liking to the King of Macabre, Stephen King, of course // Beyond playing sweet, affable Ron, Rupert would love for his next project to be the opportunity to take on something with a little more bite –- like portraying a serial killer.

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